The offer

Do you need solid and sophisticated legal advice on IP, IT, Health, Data Protection & Security law or other commercial law matters? Are you looking for a sparring partner who helps you achieve your critical business objectives, overcome obstacles and solve business issues, execute your business strategy, innovate and grow? This is exactly why we don’t just stop at resolving contentious matters or providing legal advice. We believe that our support and advice on structuring and managing your business are just as important in ensuring your long-term success.

The way we work

We care to dare, and dare to care.

We’ll join your team as your legal sidekick. Not just as a business partner but as a committed team member who takes on the role of a project manager, helping you take care of the legal and business needs of your company.

All work is based on these pillars:

Quality above all: no matter the size, whatever we do, quality is the number one metric for our work, our work-life balance, our networking, our office, and meetings.

Details matter: little things can have a huge impact. At AContrario, we have an eye for detail: in the small print, in the way we work, in our presentations, during our meetings, in our client relationships, in our interior design, whenever possible.

Problem solvers: pragmatic by default, solution orientated by design. Meaning we assist you in identifying the problem, the risks and challenges, but we truly excel in finding the right solution. AContrario, part of your solution.

Walk the talk: we are not the blabla, we are the boom boom. It’s not about shouting the loudest but having true impact. We speak, and we act.

Made to measure: tailor-made solutions for your specific needs. No templated advise, no standard replies, but fit to brief work.  

Future-minded: we’re not here to be the status quo. We constantly search for ways to improve ourselves, our clients, our domain and, whenever possible, society.

Inclusive: we’re blind to size, colour, sexual preference, age, seniority, industry, origin, gender, religion, … both for our clients and our team.

Who we work for

We are passionate about entrepreneurship and fostering the growth of your company, no matter what stage you’re at. AContrario serves the business and legal needs of:

  • ➟ Innovative entrepreneurs
    ➟ Start-ups, growing and established companies
    ➟ Hospitals and Research Institutions
    ➟ Belgian and EU governments
    ➟ Federal and federated institutions
    ➟ Belgian, European and International businesses
    ➟ NGO's and international organisations

We have represented companies from all kinds of industries, from information technology, health (tech), life sciences, biotechnology and the sport, music and entertainment sector as well as companies in fashion, design, retail & utility, the food and beverages industry.

And hey – size does not matter: As it comes to our level of quality, our engagement and our deliverables, we don’t differentiate between a brand new start-up, a scale-up preparing for the next capital injection or an established company gearing up to go global. All of our clients benefit from the same high-quality services and our transparent and competitive fees.

acontrario people

AContrario, the boutique law firm.

It's the little things
The small print, the details in the work,
those little extras in a meeting, that extra book read
the biscuit next to your coffee
and those ten minutes on top.
Small steps that make us leap big,
small kicks to the status quo’s shins,
small interventions for bigger change.
No-nonsense, quality first, people-oriented.
With a little bit of sexy and the heart in the right place.
Tall, short, big, young, white, yellow, black, experienced or just starting out, together we make the difference.
Team AContrario
A small whirlwind in the world of IP, IT, Health and Data Protection law.