We realise that data protection and data security must go hand in hand. Appropriate technical measures provide an extra layer of protection for your data and are an essential supplement to your organisational, legal and ethical measures. By proactively addressing these security aspects, organisations can build trust with customers and partners and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Moreover, given the rapid emergence of cutting-edge technology solutions, legislators and authorities are increasingly demanding additional security efforts and practices.

Leveraging the uniquely combined expertise of our lawyers and data security experts, AContrario offers a comprehensive set of services that maximizes data security and minimizes risk, including:

➟ Performing a scan of your data flows and architecture

➟ Assessment and mapping of your security measures

➟ Identifying and remediating your security risks

➟ Assisting you in your ISO27K Certification trajectory

➟ Improving and shaping your data security strategy

➟ Helping you embed security by design and by default in new developments or projects