We believe that a robust data and privacy strategy not only safeguards your data, but also maximizes its value. By installing a comprehensive data strategy, organisations can extract insights that drive innovation and growth, while ensuring that they handle data responsibly and respect individuals' rights. As a collateral advantage, it enables organisations to strengthen trust with customers and demonstrate compliance with regulations such as GDPR, reducing the risk to reputational damage and financial loss.

At AContrario, we understand the challenges organisations face when trying to increase their data protection maturity. Whether you're looking to improve your existing data protection program or start from scratch, we offer a range of services designed to assist you every step of the way, including:

➟ Performing a Quick Scan of your current privacy and data protection measures and future ambitions, to know where you stand and where you want to go.

➟ Defining a prioritised roadmap, with clear action points to tackle high, medium and low priorities

➟ Assisting in the implementation of your roadmap and strategy.

➟ Fulfilling the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO), or assisting your DPO (DPO-as-a-Service or DPO-as-a-Backup)

➟ Helping you embed privacy by design and by default in new developments or projects

➟ Supporting your day-to-day data protection concerns, such as
Data subject rights requests
Data breaches, including communication with authorities
Drafting and negotiating agreements on data processing and data exchange
Drafting data protection policies and procedures
Performing data protection impact assessments (DPIA)
Data protection awareness and trainings

Our experienced team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a solution that meets your goals and requirements, in line with industry best practices and regulations and leveraging our knowh-how and tried-and-tested templates.